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"A Cult of One" reviews:

Instrumental Guitar :

"A Cult of One from Drew A is one of the best new instrumental rock guitar albums we have heard for quite a while. Drew A combines a strong song focus with fluid and dynamic playing that is unmistakably his own. Not one to miss, we say!."

Amazon Review :

"I'm a huge fan of instrumental rock guitar and am always looking for something new. I think Drew A has created something that, while influenced by other players, doesn't imitate them - Drew A doesn't sound like anyone else. The songs are well thought out and melodic, and the solo breaks show he can burn when he wants to. Well worth adding to your collection!"

Amazon Review :

"While there are a lot of albums with mindless fast playing and no sense of strong structure, that's not the case here. Drew A has come up with a unique combination of elements - the solo guitar work is outstanding throughout, is both tasteful and technically impressive, and never takes focus away from the song. Bottom line, if you like rock instrumentals and appreciate original guitar playing, you'll like this CD."

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